Wednesday, August 6, 2008

japanese - Sweetened Azuki Bean Paste

This bean paste is the most popular in japanese custard. Easy to make and it goes perfectly with dora yaki.

125 g dried azuki beans
100 g sugar
salt to taste

1. Boil the azuki beans in water to cover, then lower the heat to medium and continue cooking until the wrinkles on the bean skin have dissapeared.
2. Drain the beans,and pour in three times as much water as beans and return to a boil. Then simmer over medium-low heat until the beans are very tender.
3. Drain the beans in a colander lined with a dish towel. To further remove excess moisture, gather the ends of the towel and squeeze out the water.
4. Transfer the beans to a blender or food processor and process to a smooth paste.
5. Place the paste in a saucepan, add the sugar and salt, and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until the paste thickens.
6. Remove the pot from the heat, stir to cool and freeze or store in the refrigerator for not more than a week.

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